We teach a Kung Fu (Wing Chun based) system of self-defence. This is rooted firmly in the traditional kung fu values of INTEGRITY, COURTESY and RESPECT. We encourage our students to strive for BLACK SASH EXCELLENCE in every area of their lives whether at the academy, at home or at work. The term Kung Fu or as it also called Gung Fu, is so often synonymous with the Chinese Martial Arts, however it actually has nothing to do with fighting. The term simply denotes an excellence achieved through perseverance and hard work over a long period of time. The goal of this academy is to help our students achieve this state so that they can become positive role models and leaders within today’s society.
We provide a range of classes for both juniors (age 4+) & seniors.
 Our venues are in Amersham, High Wycombe & Bourne End Bucks. We also provide regular ladies self defence courses & have provided bespoke self defence courses to both individuals & to companies. We are affiliated to the Cobra Martial Arts Association.

Update 10/04/21 : From Monday 12th April we are back training inside with our Juniors. Seniors are back to training  in person outside until 19th May. We shall also be continuing with at least one online class per week. Our Sparx Boxing for Fitness classes are also resuming in person from 12th April.

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