Karl Harcourt

Karl's martial arts history started in his early teens with Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate. After a few years he had a brief spell at Judo and Jiu jitsu before training in Muay Thai. He has now been training under CAMA since 2021.

He has worked in the security sector for a number of years were he gained a vast knowledge of self defence, restraints and crowd control skills.
Karl now teaches in the training of both children and adults at multiple classes for CAMA.

Otherwise known as 'The Immovable'. Karl has a very distinct style and prescence about him and has attained his Brown Sash.

Mark Lane

Mark is the founder of the Chiltern Academy of Martial Arts.
It was a dream of his since he was in his teens to create a Martial Arts Academy but came to fruition in 2018 when the Academy was started.
It began with zero students but now has well over 200 students training at the Academy.

Mark started his martial arts journey in 1972 when he started judo classes, attaining his first black belt in 1978.

He won the BJC National Championships and competed for the national team. He is a black belt in JKD, Shotokan karate, Irish Stick Fighting & an instructor in Dacayana Kali and Tai Chi for Health.

Mark's real passion though lies in the martial art of WSL Wing Chun (Wong Shun Leung). He has studied under Tom Maslen and continues to study under Sifu Clive Potter (WSL Ving Tsun).

Mark is also a champion power-lifter, where he has won the world drug-free championships several times and held several world records (two of which still stand). In 2013 he was inducted into the Irish Drug-Free Power-Lifting Association Hall of Fame. He has coached the Irish team on several occasions and helped them to finish 2nd in the Four Nations Championship in 2017.

Paul Brown

Paul teaches with both the kids and Adult Kung Fu classes in Holmer Green & Hazlemere. Paul has recently achieved Black Sash and is a very experienced martial artist.

After 12 years in the Army, I left and found work in London as a reliability engineer and took up Wing Chun. I was inspired by Ip Man and after doing some research I found CAMA in July 2021 and trained as often as my free time would allow. Achieving black sash in Nov 2023 is only the beginning for me and I intent to take my learning and understanding to a much deeper level, with the help and guidance of Sifu Mark and Sigung Clive Potter.

Paul used to do a cage fighting style in his 20s but only for 2 years. In his spare time outside of training, he enjoys playing guitar, motorbikes and socialising with friends.

Robert Avery

Robert has been training in martial arts since the age of 16. Originally practising Shotokan and Kyokushin karate, he has a 5th Dan black belt in jujitsu/kickboxing from Combat Academy UK, along with his Black Sash in Wing Chun and two qualifications in Japanese Kobudo. In addition to his kung fu, Robert also now trains in and teaches Kozoku jujitsu.

Stefan Saleem

Stefan achieved his black belt in 1996 in Tai Jitsu (Traditional Jui Jitsu). Since that time had joined the police and currently teaches self defence as part of his role. Has done boxing, trains in free style wrestling, Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Wing Chun which is under Mark Lane. He currently runs his own junior classes on a Friday. Not only wants to pass his knowledge onto other people but also wants to learn and achieve more himself.

Victor Webber

Vic is one of our coaches for the judo classes. Vic is a black belt 4th dan and has been doing judo for over 50 years and achieved his black belt in 1978.

He has places in the National kata championships. He curently runs a First Aid training company.