Kids Kung Fu


5:40pm-6:20pm Kung Fu - Dragons (4-7 years old) ****Very limited availability***
6:30pm -7:10pm Kung Fu - Juniors (8-12)
St John's Methodist Church 60 Woodside Road Amersham HP6 6AN

1:30pm-2:10pm Kung Fu - all ages 4-12 
Tylers Green Village Hall, Church Road, HP10 8LN

5:40pm-6:20pm Kung Fu - all ages 4-12 
Holmer Green Village Hall, The Common HP15 6XG

5:40pm-6:20pm Kung Fu - Dragons (4-7 years old) 

6:30pm -7:10pm Kung Fu - Juniors (8-12) 
Hazlemere Memorial Hall, Amersham Road HP15 7QW

Wycombe High School students only

Friday - New Class Starting 7th January 2022
5pm-5:40pm Kung Fu (4-12 years old)
Little Chalfont Village Hall, Cokes Lane, Little Chalfont HP8 4UD

11am-11:40am Kung Fu  (4-12 years old)
 Hazlemere Memorial Hall, Amersham Road HP15 7QW

First class is free with no obligation.
£36 per month.. We have discounts for siblings.

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Central to our work in the junior programme is the BLACK SASH SUCCESS SYSTEMThe Black



Sash (or Black Belt) is an extremely important achievement in the martial arts. It represents more than simply a physical skill. It is a symbol of maturity, experience, alertness, and knowledge. We use that philosophy throughout the school and it is our goal to help each one of our students achieve BLACK SASH EXCELLENCE in every area of their lives.

The martial arts are a superb activity for developing both children and young adults. With the emphasis on DISCIPLINE and COURTESY, we help our students to develop self-confidence and character by providing the necessary skills to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.

We teach our junior students to honour the tenants of The Black Sash Creed:

  • I promise to have a positive manner. To look after myself so that I am happy and strong.
  • I promise to have self discipline to bring out the best in myself and my friends.
  • I promise to use my new skills wisely and to be kind and considerate

Currently we have junior classes (from age 4) in Amersham, Hazlemere, High Wycombe


Contact us now to see how the CHILTERN ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS can help with your child's development.

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